Level: 5; Class: Wizard (Human); Stats: HP: 45, AC: 21, Fort: 16, Ref: 19, Will: 17; Weapon: Staff; Specialization: Summoning


Frederick Carlson 32A Heartforth Ln Halfia

What follows are the recovered journal fragments of a necromancer who resided within the realm of Garynn. I’m sure you will enjoy the read my friend. The journal is strikingly straight forward, it was clearly never meant to be read by others eyes. However, some parts of the journal are still coded. I have, as of yet, been unable to decrypt the codes, and I use codes because there appears to be more then one. The subject in question appears to have died some years ago. By all accounts it appears this person was a simple wizard who learned of a dark path of magic. I have been working on studying the journal of this wizard in hopes of better understanding why what happened took place.I will be sending more updates on the journal as I translate the passages. The language being used is an old form of the Primordial variety, thus it will take time to translate the journal in its entirety. I have sent you the first sections of the journal. I apologies for starting so late in the journal but these are the first pages I have been able to translate. It appears prior to the first entry given he did not speak the Primordial tongue and decided to put things in code. I am rather scared, as some of the Primordial sections are also in code. I have no idea what he could have possibly wanted hidden.

Thanks Frederick, Marcus Slithery

Journal Fragment 3017:

Dear Journal: I have been successful in my attempts to uncover the book I’ve sought for so long. It is only a matter of time now before I unlock its secrets and gain immortality. We will see how things go.

Journal Fragment 3210:

Dear Journal: I have been successful in my pursuit and will now gain immortality. The process will soon be complete. I must stay hidden to avoid any interruptions.

Journal Fragment 3277:

Dear Journal: The process is complete, immortality is mine. I now have time to work on my other projects. Never again will time be a concern to me, I am above such petty things.

Journal Fragment 3278:

Dear Journal: I have gained so much time and already within a day I am pestered by those foolish villagers. They question my method and my work. One of those fools even questioned my sanity! I need fresh parts for one experiment I have wanted to try. That fool better not insult me again. Either way, I have decided to move my lab out of the city graveyard and further away toward the mountains. Hopefully, there I will not have my experiments interrupted by pesky mortals.


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